Technology can be confusing.  Let us simplify it.

At Skootzi our mission is to spread software literacy.  We’ve stripped away all the techno-babble and intimidation so that learning software can be simple, easy and fun!

Gain Knowledge

Our courses are a step-by-step, dead simple learning progression that will help you develop and refine your computer skills so you can dazzle the world. With the best part being all of our courses are $3.99 USD.

That’s right…for the price of a cup of coffee you can take your skills from 0 to 60, and beyond.

Course Sampler

Microsoft Excel

9 Modules
12 Hrs 14 Min 

$3.99 USD


9 Modules
7 Hrs 5 Min

$3.99 USD


6 Modules
3 Hrs 31 Min 

$3.99 USD

Microsoft Access

7 Modules
6 Hrs 52 Min 

$3.99 USD

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About Skootzi

Skootzi is on a mission to demystify learning popular software applications and business skills.  We take complex topics, break them down into easy to understand lessons and present them to you in an interactive, down to earth, engaging manner.

One of our mantras is to be jargon-free while offering you relevant, practical, and readily applicable skills that are sought after in today’s job market.

Another of our pillars is that we don’t use monthly subscriptions, silly pricing games, cheesy upsells (or cross-sells), special pricing promotions, discount offers, bait-and-switch tactics, charge outrageous amounts, or other nonsense.  Ever.  As we’ve mentioned…all of our courses are $3.99 USD. Period. 

Plus we don’t skimp on material either.  All of our course content is directly equivalent to what you would get with expensive professional training classes, or paid membership sites. Simply put, our courses are brimming with information and we’re not here to pillage your wallet.

‘Nuff said… 


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