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Our Story

Skootzi was founded on one simple premise- to provide professional grade, content rich online software training and ridiculously affordable prices.  In our world, there is no need to charge outrageous prices, charge a monthly subscription rate, or skimp on content. We believe that learning should be available and knowledge can move the world.

Yet, we don’t take ourselves that serious and also strive to make learning fun; as evidenced by this graph that means nothing other than being a visual gimmick.

  • How serious we take ourselves 20% 20%
  • Chance we’re a science project gone right 60% 60%
  • How much we love slapstick and dry wit humor 75% 75%
  • Think Rush is the best band on the planet 85% 85%
  • Probability all bars will go to the top 77% 77%
  • % we under-charge and over-deliver (we’ll be serious for once) 100% 100%
  • Overall usefulness of this graph 35% 35%

So who caused this mess?

Dave McCubbin  CEO | Head Dufus In Charge

As an 20+ year veteran in the software training/ instructional design business there have been a lot of changes, yet one thing has remained constant- people’s need and desire to learn. Hence this site is the next milestone in a career of which I am most grateful. Skootzi represents a project that has been in the back of my mind for years and now is the time to bring it to fruition.

You see I have never been a fan of overly-polished, corporately scripted training classes since, for the most part, they are boring, stoic and leave people scrambling for the door 20 minutes into class. So this site breaks away from those confines and allows the content to be presented free of restriction.

For the record my style is very laid back, easy to follow, quirky and “slap-sticky”. Meaning I strive to make complex topics simple and am tongue and cheek along the way. You see there is no need to be a total stiff and it’s ok to poke fun at certain areas of life. Why? Simple. You learn more when you have fun.

Now I’m not stupid, or arrogant enough to think this site will revolutionize the training business so the goal is to reach people who want to learn skills in a relaxed, conversational manner, free of techno-babble, and intimidation. Put a different way, if you are looking for a straight-to-the-point, down to earth place to develop your skills… well then, maybe we can help.

All the Best,

L 2:11 ¦ PR 8:12

PS- throughout the years people have been kind enough to send some notes (unsolicited mind you) in order to share some thoughts/ feedback about their experiences.  So in the case you are looking for some testimonials, please feel free to click the button below. Now, for the record I am not claiming to be “all that”, because I’m not and have had my share of bad days; yet, sometimes the planets align and things work out in a positive way.

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