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For this first set of lessons we’re going to take a look at Excel.  In the event you are already familiar with Excel feel free to jump down to the video so you can get a feel for our presentation style <grin>.  In case you are still curious as to why you should even bother to learn Excel please allow us to provide a few points for you to consider.  Did you know that…

  • Almost every business office uses Excel to some degree and not knowing it can really hinder your growth.
  • When you become efficient with Excel you can save valuable time.  (Cheap plug– this course will show you how).
  • Excel goes beyond being a spreadsheet application; rather it’s a problem solving tool.
  • The trend nowadays is to work with large volumes of data (think big lists) and being able to translate these lists into something comprehensible will dazzle your bosses.
  • Surprisingly only a small fraction of Excel users know how to create Pivot Tables. When you know Pivot Tables you have joined a pretty exclusive club. Guess where you can learn how to make them.  🙂

That said, let take a look at today’s lessons.

First, what exactly is Excel.  This is intended for anyone new to Excel.

Second, how to sort lists.  For current Excel users sorting is a key skill to have and, if you give us a chance, you might surprised about how sorting really works.  <grin>

What is Excel

Sorting in Excel

One last thought just to be upfront– this is a legacy class.  Meaning it is intended for people who are not overly concerned about the specific version of the software (in this case Excel), rather they just want the core concepts that apply to all versions and are ok with a few minor differences from what they see on their screen.

In case it helps all the content in this course applies to Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365.

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