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Ok, admittedly we are going to be a little obscure in this lesson and talk about something referred to as Tableau.  Tableau is a data visualization software that is incredibly powerful and primary geared toward data scientists.  Now for the record you don’t have to be a data scientist to take advantage of Tableau.  By chance you work with large sets of information (think big data list) and have issues creating sophisticated charts say in Excel, then you are a prime candidate to use Tableau.  Why?  Well for starters it’s very intuitive and the number of companies using Tableau continue to grow year by year.

That said if you do not see yourself walking down the road of working with massive amounts of data, that’s cool.  Just sit back, relax a bit and learn what Tableau is all about.

For the first lesson we’ll take a look at what is Tableau.

Then in the second lesson we’ll take a peek at how to create a really cool chart (aka- data visualization) while seeing how simple Tableau is to use.

What is Tableau

Dual Axis Combo Graph in Tableau

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