Microsoft Access is a database program; a database can be simply defined as a collection of related information.  With MS Access you can store your data (info), create forms, ask questions of your data and create highly stylized print-outs… and that is just for starters.

Learning Access can be a big feather in your cap as well as providing you an understanding of how other MS Office applications work.  For example, certain parts of Access can be applied in Excel.  Furthermore learning Access helps build the foundation for moving into more “big league” database applications like SQL and Oracle.

NOTE: This is a “legacy class” and is intended for people who are not overly concerned about specific software versions since the changes between one release to another are largely negligible.  This course was created with Access 2010, but the content is applicable to Access 2013, 2016/ Office 365 and to some extent 2007.  Just be aware there may be some minor differences between versions yet nothing so extreme that you’ll be totally lost.

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Course Running Time: 6 hours 52 minutes



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Course Content

Lessons Status

Module 0 Welcome to Class


Module 1 The Foundation of Access (16 Lessons)


Module 2 Queries (21 Lessons)


Module 3 Forms (14 Lessons)


Module 4 Reports (14 Lessons)


Module 5 Macros (4 Lessons)


Module 6 Miscellaneous Access Topics (18 Lessons)


Module 7 An Overview of Database Design (3 Lessons)


Module 8 Wrap Up