Excel is often described as a spreadsheet application that allows you to do all kinds of fancy intricate things like create formulas, graphs, pivot tables, macros and whole host of other stuff. How is that for a high powered definition? While this is true when you distill Excel down to it’s pure essence please recognize Excel is nothing more than a big, fancy electronic calculator.

Excel is an incredibly powerful application and the key to learning Excel is to learn the fundamentals- from there realize the things you learn are topical not progressive.  Meaning that when you learn Excel the key is to look at each lesson as it’s own separate entity that can be blended (or strung together) with other topics.  Phrased differently excel is just a smorgasbord of parts you can mix together however you wish.

NOTE: This is a “legacy class” and is intended for people who are not overly concerned about specific software versions since the changes between one release to another are largely negligible.  This course was created with Excel 2010, but the content is applicable to Excel 2013, 2016/ Office 365 and to some extent 2007.  Just be aware there may be some minor differences between versions yet nothing so extreme that you’ll be totally lost.

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Course Running Time: 12 hrs 14 min



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Course Content

Lessons Status

Module 1 Overview of All the Common Pieces in MS Office (19 Lessons)


Module 2 Excel Fundamentals | The Need To Know Topics (15 Lessons)


Module 3 Dress Up Your Data And Make It Look Nice (22 Lessons)


Module 4 So How Do You Print Everything (7 Lessons)


Module 5 Starting Down The Road Of Math | The Heart Of Excel (30 Lessons)


Module 6 List Management: Sorts, Filters, Pivot Tables & More (14 Lessons)


Module 7 Charting and Some Miscellaneous Stuff Excel Has To Offer (16 Lessons)


Module 8 Macros and Creating Interactive Charts (4 Lessons)


Module 9 Creating Dashboards (1 Lesson)


Module 10 Wrap Up (1 Lesson)