Microsoft Word is nothing more than a big, fancy electronic typewriter.  Subsequently it’s often referred to as a Word Processor, or WYSIWYG editor– WYSIWYG translates to What You See Is What You Get.  Basically MS Word allows you to create document of all types.

NOTE: This is a “legacy class” and is intended for people who are not overly concerned about specific software versions since the changes between one release to another are largely negligible.  This course was created with Word 2010, but the content is also applicable to Word 2013, 2016/ Office 365 and to some extent 2007.  Just be aware there may be some minor differences between versions yet nothing so extreme that you’ll be totally lost.

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Course Running Time: 3 hrs 47 min


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Module 1 Word Fundamentals (21 Lessons)


Module 2 Moving Beyond the Fundamentals (14 Lessons)


Module 3 Creating Professional Documents (16 Lessons)