Learn the skills that employers crave (or the stuff you wanted to learn but were too embarrassed to ask about).  Like, seriously…

You see, you can make a pretty strong case that out of all the crazy things people are asked to do when working in a business environment you can distill everything down into a core list of ‘need to know topics’ when you work with office software.  Put a different way the material in this course shows you how to use the most common of the “commonly used stuff” that could dazzle your boss, assist you in getting a job (promotion?), or simply adding to what you already know.

This class (along with all the others) was put together by Dave, the owner of Skootzi, and he has been a corporate trainer for over 20 years.  In that time he has taught in nearly every type of industry and one thing he learned is that even though each business is different they still use the same software functions, they just bend it to their specific business.  For example, want to learn VLOOKUP’s and IF statements?  Need to create a presentation that will astonish your peers?  Have to write that pesky paper and want to make it look nice? Are you a tedious note taker and looking for a free place to store your notes? If so, you are in the right place.

The best part is you can do all this for free.  Meaning like take this course AND get access to the software.

No required courseware.  You can get it for free via Microsoft

Total Running Time: 3 Hrs. 52 Min.

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Course Content

Lessons Status

Module 1 Intro and Course Objectives


Module 2 Word The Fancy Electronic Typewriter


Module 3 Excel The Calculator


Module 4 PowerPoint AKA Playtime


Module 5 OneNote The Electronic Notebook