Tableau is a data visualization software.  Phrased differently since people tend to understand pictures more than words with tableau you can take large, unintelligible, data sets (think excel lists or database tables) and convert them into really cool visualization (read: slick, swag charts) so you can make the data more understandable to others.

Tableau for the most part is quite intuitive and is a great piece of software to learn if you are needing to make unruly data sets comprehensible to others.

NOTE: This is a “legacy class” and is intended for people who are not overly concerned about specific software versions since the changes from one release to another are largely negligible.  This course was created with Tableau 9 but the content is applicable to both newer and older versions of Tableau.  Just be aware there may be some minor differences between versions yet nothing so extreme that you’ll be totally lost.

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Course Running Time: 3 hrs 31 min



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Course Content

Lessons Status

Module 1 Kicking the Tires (11 Lessons)


Module 2 Math in Tableau (9 Lessons)


Module 3 Building Visualizations in Tableau (16 Lessons)


Module 4 Dashboards (3 Lessons)


Module 5 Working with Joins in Tableau (4 Lessons)


Module 6 Miscellaneous Yet Highly Relevant Topics (11 Lessons)


Module 7 Closing Thoughts