Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Excel is most commonly known as a spreadsheet application. Yet it’s easier to think of Excel as being a fancy calculator. Moving beyond calculations Excel allows you to create charts, pivot tables and a host of other cool things. In this class you will start at square one and transition into to being highly competent in Excel.

NOTE: This is a legacy class and intended for people who are interested in learning Excel no matter what version they are currently using. The topics contained herein are applicable to Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365.

Course Running Time: 12 hrs 14 min

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Course Content

Module 1 Overview of All the Common Pieces in MS Office (19 Lessons)

Module 2 Excel Fundamentals | The Need To Know Topics (15 Lessons)

Module 3 Dress Up Your Data And Make It Look Nice (22 Lessons)

Module 4 So How Do You Print Everything (7 Lessons)

Module 5 Starting Down The Road Of Math | The Heart Of Excel (30 Lessons)

Module 6 List Management: Sorts, Filters, Pivot Tables & More (14 Lessons)

Module 7 Charting and Some Miscellaneous Stuff Excel Has To Offer (16 Lessons)

Module 8 Macros and Creating Interactive Charts (4 Lessons)

Module 9 Creating Dashboards (1 Lesson)


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