MS publisher is an easy to use, less expensive alternative desktop publishing software that is used to create such things as news letters, postcards, flyers, advertisements, programs and so forth.   In case your company does not have a dedicated design department and the bulk of the creative work falls on your shoulders Publisher is a great stepping stone for learning simple desktop publishing.

NOTE: This is a legacy class and intended for people who are interested in learning Publisher no matter what version they are currently using. The topics contained herein are applicable to Publisher 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365.

Course Running Time: 1 hr 55 min

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Lesson 1 What is Publisher

Lesson 2 Getting Started

Lesson 3 Adding Text Boxes

Lesson 4 Working with Text and Zoom

Lesson 5 How to Add New Pages

Lesson 6 Adding Pictures

Lesson 7 Adding Shapes

Lesson 8 Recap

Lesson 9 Using Rulers Guides and Baselines

Lesson 10 Working with Precise Placement

Lesson 11 How to Format Text

Lesson 12 Working with Paragraphs

Lesson 13 Linking Text Boxes

Lesson 14 WordArt and ClipArt

Lesson 15 Align Distribute and Group

Lesson 16 Wrapping Text Around a Picture

Lesson 17 Working with Tables

Lesson 18 Background Pages

Lesson 19 Color Schemes

Lesson 20 Building Blocks

Lesson 21 Working with Columns

Lesson 22 Bulleted Lists

Lesson 23 Master Pages

Lesson 24 Standard Printing

Lesson 25 Commercial Printing in Publisher


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