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Tableau is an incredible data visualization software. With Tableau you can take very ugly, unreadable data lists and build impactful visualizations (read: a wide variety of charts) that makes you data easier to comprehend. But that’s not all. Tableau also allows you to dig deeper into your data providing further insights.

Course Running Time: 3 hrs 31 min

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Course Content

Module 1 Kicking the Tires (11 Lessons)

Module 2 Math in Tableau (9 Lessons)

Module 3 Building Visualizations in Tableau (16 Lessons)

Module 4 Dashboards (3 Lessons)

Module 5 Working with Joins in Tableau (4 Lessons)

Module 6 Miscellaneous Yet Highly Relevant Topics (11 Lessons)

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  1. sean (verified owner)

    For starters and for someone who wants to learn how to use the foundation to Tableau, this is it. Well prepared and can get you to where you needed to be so you are not lost. The more you do it along with the resources suggested, the better you will become at it…

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