VISIO is a diagramming software that allows you to create very common schematics like flowcharts, organization charts, cross-functional diagrams, floorplans, and BPMN charts, etc. with ease. Visio is literally a drag and drop interface, which uses stencils that lets you create complex diagrams effortlessly.

NOTE: This is a legacy class and intended for people who are interested in learning VISIO no matter what version they are currently using. The topics contained herein are applicable to VISIO 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365.

Course Running Time: 2 hrs 38 min

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Course Content

Lesson 1 What is VISIO

Lesson 2 Working With Shapes

Lesson 3 Adding Text to Shapes

Lesson 4 How to Navigate Around in VISIO

Lesson 5 Precise Placement of Shapes

Lesson 6 An Overview of Stencils

Lesson 7 How to Add a Text Box to a Drawing

Lesson 8 How to Align, Distribute and Group Shapes

Lesson 9 Working with Standard Layers in VISIO

Lesson 10 Working with VISIO Layers

Lesson 11 An Overview of Shape Data

Lesson 12 An Overview of Themes

Lesson 13 Printing in VISIO

Lesson 14 Creating Flowcharts

Lesson 15 Flowchart Connectors

Lesson 16 Creating Cross Functional Flowcharts

Lesson 17 Creating Workflow Diagrams

Lesson 18 Creating Pivot Diagrams

Lesson 19 Connect Excel Into VISIO

Lesson 20 Connecting to Access Through VISIO

Lesson 21 Creating Organizational Charts in VISIO

Lesson 22 Troubleshooting Organization Charts

Lesson 23 How to Create Floorplans

Lesson 24 Creating BPMN Diagrams

Lesson 25 Entity Relation Diagrams

Lesson 26 Network Diagrams

Lesson 27 MISC TOPICS Working With Favorites

Lesson 28 MISC TOPICS Creating Custom Stencils

Lesson 29 MISC TOPICS Custom Backgrounds

Lesson 30 MISC TOPICS VISIO Reports

Lesson 31 Course Conclusion


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