Free Video Samples

Alright, so you are looking for some free video lessons to get a feel for how we roll?  Well that is a totally fair request and you found ’em… we are happy to oblige!

On this page you will find three, somewhat random, sample lessons on the following topics:

  • Excel: Understanding the absolute reference
  • Tableau: Creating dual-axis combo charts
  • Access: What are tables

Please feel free to take a gander. We sincerely hope you like what you see and can relate to our lesson content, presentation style and overall approach.  If it’s not for you, we understand… but we might sit in the corner and cry.  🙁

Seriously though, thank you for taking some time to check things out!

Most Sincerely,


SAMPLE 1 — Excel: Understanding the absolute reference

SAMPLE 2 — Tableau: Creating dual-axis charts

SAMPLE 3– Access: What are tables and why are they important

One last thought — just to be upfront — some of our course are what we consider “legacy classes”.  Meaning it is intended for people who are not overly concerned about the specific version of the software, rather they just want to learn the core concepts that apply to all versions and are comfortable with a few minor differences from what they see on their screen.

Put a different way the version we use may not match yours exactly, but if you are ok with some minor differences you’ll be just fine. 🙂

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