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Admit it. Learning popular software is unavoidable these days, and it’s ok to be honest – when you don’t know something that most people view as commonplace (like software) you tend to feel kinda ashamed.  Well… at least we do.  But not to worry!

When you enroll in our courses you will be able to dazzle your boss, coworkers and the world (well, the world might be pushing it a bit), but at the very least you will no longer feel silly through lack of knowledge.

Our straight forward, mega simple, jargon-free video training courses will help you develop and refine your computer skills so you will no longer have to hide under your desk (or in your room) because you don’t know something.  Furthermore, each of our courses are brimming with content and we’ll make sure you learn the core fundamental principles that are commonplace to software applications.  Put a different way, we got you covered.




All of our courses are eerily similar to what you would get by going through any of “the major players”


Listen we are not out to ravage your wallet.  Every course is $3.99 USD.  Yep… fer real. Read that again.


We are not a faceless company and won’t nag you with annoying sales pitches until you give in.

YOU have a real teaching talent and made the material easy to understand.  I enjoy your teaching style. Thank you again for making yourself available.
Amy Melbourne, FL

Dave spoke clearly and professionally and provided great examples and I was able to learn some new things in Excel that will help me create efficiencies at work.
Stephanie C. Irving, TX

Imagine Being Able to Kick-butt In

The founder of Skootzi is Dave McCubbin (yes, that’s me) and after 20 years of being a corporate trainer decided it was time for the next phase of my career by launching this site.  You see I simply grew tired of playing the corporate game and this site allows me the luxury of offering all the content people crave, at a price that is easily within reach.  One of my goals is to make training affordable for all.  Besides I love to share in any way I can… just buy me a cup of coffee.  🙂



Get to know us. How about some free lessons?

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