Tired of feeling ashamed because you don’t know common business software?

Or, do you hide under your desk when your boss asks you to do something computer related? Worse yet, is your career hitting a brick wall because you lack software skills? Ugh… Not good!!
Truth be told I’ve been there myself (like seriously), that feeling of not having software knowledge…I know what you’re going through.  Frankly, it stinks.  [spacer height=”30px”] There was a point in my life when I knew absolutely nothing (meaning like zero) about computer software. It was so bad it got to the point where I almost lost my job. [spacer height=”30px”] The worst part was the whole learning software thing was so overwhelming I wanted to crawl under a rock.  I couldn’t help but ask — how can something like software be so complicated to learn?  Perhaps you can relate to this feeling? [spacer height=”30px”] Well, here is the good news learning software is not difficult when you learn it the correct way.
Does any of this sound familiar?
  • How often have you been in class and the teacher speaks nothing but complete techno-babble only leaving you more confused after the class?
  • Do you think that corporate training classes are way too expensive? Or feel that paying a monthly subscription fee for on demand training eventually adds up over time?
  • You worry that you are so far behind compared to other people’s software skills and are on the verge of giving up. Essentially you feel like it’s a complete lost cause and not even worth it.
  • Frustrated by all the conflicting information out there? You’re sick of wasting your time researching various topics by poking around endlessly online trying to figure out what exactly you should learn only to keep seeing the same outdated, lame advice.

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Yeah.  We thought so…

You see the secret to learning software is to break things down into small relatable pieces.  

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Because when you relate new topics to something you already know, learning is a breeze.

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And that is exactly what we do!!!

Picture yourself

  • Having your coworkers cringe at the depth of your software skills
  • Throwing it in your bosses face when they ask you to do something
  • Possessing next level software knowledge that other people crave
  • You becoming the go-to person where you work

Now, who is the person that put all this together?

Howdy!  My name is Dave McCubbin, the founder of Skootzi and have been a software trainer since 1996. Ok, I can hear you now– wow, he is old.  Correction, I’m not old– rather seasoned. There is a difference.  🙂

Since then there have been a lot of changes when it comes to learning computer software (duh…), yet the one key piece of information people tend to overlook is the fundamentals of software really have STAYED THE SAME. You see despite all those changes one thing has remained constant, which is- the core concepts that run through each software application.

[spacer height=”10px”] Meaning no matter what software program (or version) you learn each software application has pillars on which it is built.  When you learn those pillar topics you well on your way to mastery. Phrased differently, it’s quite common that when new software versions come out people tend to freak. Similarly, even if the software has been around for decades knowing the core pillars (or principles) is all you really need because once you know the pillars any updates, changes, or newer version is really not a big deal

[spacer height=”10px”] Therefore my goal is simple– to teach you those core concepts that run through each piece of software (regardless of which version you are using) in a complete, dead simple, easy to follow and fun format.

[spacer height=”10px”] I promise to do my best to demystify learning software for you and to alleviate your fears.  Heck, if I can learn this anyone can since I am no mental giant. 🙂

Our courses are for people who want to:
Learn software skills in a quick, easy and painless manner.

[spacer height=”30px”] Become the “office guru” and make people beg you for your help.

[spacer height=”30px”] Gain computer skills that almost require your boss to give you a raise (well, hopefully, although that might be a stretch and we can’t promise anything).

[spacer height=”30px”] Gain confidence and no longer be scared when it comes to learning the software skills employers are starving for.

Our courses are NOT for

Someone who thinks they know everything already.  If this describes you… congrats and I can’t help you. Thanks for your time.

[spacer height=”30px”] People who aren’t looking to develop themselves.  Listen if you are some loaf who’s life accomplishments adds up to less than zero, just leave.  Like, seriously dude… move along and go somewhere else.

Some fancy icons that explain our services

Learn popular, in-demand software applications

Applicable for all skill levels, no matter your experience

Self-directed, modular and comprehensive training courses

The part you really want to know


Each course in only $3.99 USD.   Yep… Straight up!!

Some nice thing people said…

Don’t just take it from us, let some prior students do the talking!

“Mister Dave!!  Thank you so much!!!  You truly do know what you are talking about!!! And you know what, I took an Excel class the other week, and she could not hold a candle compared to you in the way you were teaching us!! Anyway, thank you again!!” Malin

“YOU have a real teaching talent and made the material easy to understand.  I enjoy your teaching style. Thank you again for making yourself available to answer my questions/problems.  Have a wonderful day!” Stephanie C

“Just wanted to let you know what a great job you did in the Intro to Access 2007 class this week. I learned so much from you and your explanations, examples, and situational references were tremendously helpful! Made all this make sense in real world application.” Maureen

Imagine Being Able to Kick-butt In

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of courses do you offer?

To date we offer courses in:

  • Excel
  • Access
  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • Publisher
  • WordPress
  • Tableau
  • Along with expanding our course catalog with new course offerings

Each of our courses contain several hours of video training.  The run time for each class varies and is contingent on the amount of material covered in the course. Translation- some applications are easier than others. Our lowest run time is 2 hr 30 min all the way up to 12 hrs 15 min, with the average course containing roughly 3+ hours of video content.

How long do I have access to course?
All day, any day, all the time– until the apocalypse.

What format is the course delivered in?

Video. More info if you have a few seconds to spend. All courses are broken into a simple progression that is easy to follow.  The video segments are as condensed as possible with the goal being to provide you all the “need to know” information as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Phrased differently we are not here to meditate, pontificate and bloviate just to hear ourselves talk. In short we are not like some sources where their overriding philosophy is to go with the mantra that they believe in the notion, “why should you say it in ten words when you can say it in a hundred.”  Hopefully you see the joke in this response.  🙂

Couldn't I find all this information online?
You can find anything online today, yet that does not mean it actually has value.  Consider for a moment what is your time worth. Would you rather poke around for hours searching aimlessly, or go to one central location that has done all the hard work for you and offers the need to know topics.
Why are your courses so INEXPENSIVE?
Mainly because I’m not some greedy jerk looking to fleece you while you buy me a beach house.  Seriously though- I take a low key approach to life and in good conscious couldn’t charge obscene amounts of money if I wanted; I’d feel too guilty.  Even though some would think I’m underselling myself I don’t share that point of view. ‘Nuff said.

Do you offer refunds?

Yup!  You have 7 days from the date of your purchase to get a 100% full refund.  Why only seven days?  Well, if you are going to buy something why wait to use it?  Think about it, if you can’t login and start learning right away why are you even spending your money here in the first place.

In case you missed it each course is only $3.99 USD

Now it's your turn to do big things

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